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Premium Badminton Courts

Badminton Redefined

Collaboration with Top Quality Badminton Academy.

Experienced Coaches.

World-Class Facilities.

About Us

We Didn’t Like it. So We Built one!

Being badminton aficionados, we constantly play almost every day across Pune. 

We hardly found a facility to our liking. Some had a sub-standard court & others had inferior Net.

In almost every facility, the glaring lights used to hit our eyes, while in some, the whole experience ensured that we never returned to that place.


Best in Class

Our Facilities

Real Work. Real Results.

3 inch flooring

Lights at optimum angle

20 ft x 40 ft. Court. 3 courts

Aesthetic Changing Rooms

Experience Redefined!

Each of the above goes a long way in ensuring that your experience playing badminton is top class. We have gone out of our way to create a stadium where you can play till you drop! Don’t believe us. Drop in. We mean to our stadium.


3 Inch Flooring

Most of the courts have just 1-inch flooring. The additional 2-inch padding makes the difference between injury and experience. Try it!

Lights At Optimum Anlge

Small things make a big difference. The experience just due to adjusting the light provides for an unbelievable experience!

20 ft x 40 ft. 3 Courts

Spacious, yet accommodating. More the Merrier. We ensured that we optimize the playing area to fit in more players.

Aesthetic Changing Rooms

Changing rooms to freshen up after an invigorating session. Smooth check-in, check-out. Accurate reservations. Centrally located.

We are still talking about badminton and not a 5-star spa/ hotel stay!



“Grooming talent to Make Champions”

We had the option to collaborate with multiple badminton academies. After a thorough evaluation, we decided to collaborate with Ace Academy.

Personal Attention

Your child will get more personal attention with the Beginners/Basic/ Higher Basic/ Pre-Semi advanced/ Semi advanced/ Advanced categories of batches.


Ace Academy players are representing Maharashtra at the State levels. 


Regular/ Consistent wins by the coaches and their players

Champion Mentors

Ace Academy understands the rigors of becoming a champion and assigns mentors to promising students.

Win. Win. Win!

Participate in multiple tournaments to assess, improve, WIN. 


The highest commitment to producing champions was displayed by Ace Academy


Train With Your Coaching Partner

Importance of Customized Coaching

Every person is unique. We feel that Customized coaching over and above the regular drill is important.

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